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Spiral Wound Gasket With Inner Ring

Spiral Wound Gasket With Inner Ring

ANSI B 16.20, MSS SP-44, API 605, DIN, JIS, JPI, BS 1560, JG/T, GB/T, HG, SH,etc.
Or the designated in detail by clients.

Spiral Wound Gasket With Inner Ring
Installation drawing

1.SW6000-RIR, hovered and wound, spot welded beginning and end terminal by V-shaped and W-shaped stainless steel and non metal filler. The materials of inner ring is as the same as the strips.
2.Solid inner metal ring acts as a compression stop and fillers the annular space between flange bore and the inside diameter.
3.Only inner ring used as a high pressure temperature capability,
4.For groove flanges and general applications.

Selectable Materials:

Strip (Hoop) and the inner and outer ring profile Filler General thickness / mm
Name Code Name Code Appropriate Temp. ℃ V-shape gasket/Ring W-shape gasket/Ring
Carbon Steel CS Graphite FG 650 3.2/2,0
Stainless steel 304(L),316(L) Asbestos ASB 500
Monel Mon PTFE PTFE 250
Ni,Ti Ni,Ti Mica MICA 950
Inconel INC Ceramic CER 1000
Hastelloy,Zr HAST,ZIRC Non-asb NAF 300
Color cord according to ASME B 16.20 on request.

Writing methods:
D1: Inner diameter of the inner ring
D2: Outer diameter of the inner ring.
D3: Outer diameter of the gasket
Normally the thickness of the ring is 0.125’’ (3.2mm), 0.175’’ (4.5mm) ,special thickness, please request.

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