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Double Jacket Gaskets

SUNWELL offers a complete range of Double Jacketed Gaskets. According to different operating conditions, Double jacketed gaskets with bars. for manhole or handholes.
Double Jacketed Gaskets are used on boiler and heat exchanger applications when ample bolting is available to correctly seat the gasket. They are designed for high pressure and temperature applications up to and inclusive of Class 900.

   6200SD Stamping Double Jacketed Gasket
Stamping double jacketed gasket is made of whole machined flat metallic plate with waved or corrugated surface. Without welding.
   6200CD Corrugated Double Jacketed Gasket
Corrugated double jacketed gasket is made of machined flat metallic plate with waved or corrugated surface.After finished jacketed, pressure by molds make the surface flat to corrugated.attached with flexible graphite, PTFE, Ceramic, ASB, Non-asb. etc.
   6200DJ Double Jacketed Gaskets
Metal clad gasket is composite gasket with internal nonmetal materials, such as flexible graphite, PTFE, Asb, Non-asb, Ceramic fiber which is clad by special metal sheet in cold work.